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... if identified, the client should be referred to the CSB, behavior health authority (BHA), or other appropriate licensed provider that serves the locality in which the person resides. It is not necessary to make a diagnosis or to completed a clinical assessment to make a referral to a CSB/BHA/licensed ... 11/03/10, 68300 bytes
45% [032-02-0147-02-eng.pdf]
... eligibility worker to the assessor whenever the AG is terminated. TO/FROM SECTION Both TO/FROM sections must be completed. Completely fill in the locality of the DSS eligibility worker with address and indicate whether document is to be sent to or from the eligibility worker by circling “TO” or ... 08/04/15, 70038 bytes
... can receive assistance from the AG Program, eligibility for the program must be determined by the local department of social services in the locality where the individual last resided outside of an institution or adult foster care home. Any records or statements may be used to determine residency. If ... 06/27/14, 62036 bytes
45% [032-02-0109-07-eng.doc]
... /Preschool Drug or Substance Abuse Counseling English as a Second Language Courses Community Resources below from either this Department or another locality? LIST ALL HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS NAME (LAST/FIRST/MI) (List Applicant First) DATE OF BIRTH MM/DD/YYYY RELATION- SHIP TO APPLICANT SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ... 02/12/14, 281088 bytes
40% Promoting Safe & Stable Families (PSSF) - Virginia Department of Social Services
Skip to Content Agencies | Governor Search Virginia.Gov (Click to return to home page) - image of Virginia Department of Social Services logo VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES Search: Facebook icon Twitter icon YouTube icon RSS icon * HOME   * ABOUT US * Boards & Committees arrow pointing to the ... 09/04/15, 57603 bytes
37% [locality_data.pdf]
Resources for Locality Data: Web Sites  Children and Families  ChildStats.Gov ( – The Federal Interagency Forum on Child and  Family Statistics offers easy access to statistics and reports on children and families, including:  family and ... 07/03/13, 184510 bytes
37% Child Protective Services Accountability System Reports - Virginia Department of Social Services
... in the Commonwealth. Quarterly reports provide information on the number of referrals received, accepted, investigated, founded and appealed by locality and for the State as a whole. image of a red square resembling a bullet 2015 SFY * Circuit Court Data (XLS) * Juvenile and Domestic Relations District ... 09/04/15, 59074 bytes
36% Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) - Virginia Department of Social Services
... Financial (XLSX) * 2014-15 - QR-03 - Outcomes (XLSX) * 2014-15 - QR-04 - Other Outcomes Report (DOCX) * 2014-15 - QR-05 - Unduplicated clients by locality (XLSX) * 2014-15 - QR-06 CSBG Annual Agency Demographic Report (XLSX) * 2014-15 - QR-07 Other resources (XLSX) * 2014-15 - QR-08 - Narrative Report ... 09/04/15, 55256 bytes
36% Child Care Guidance for Parents - Virginia Department of Social Services
... age) * Head Start (infant to age 5) - Va Head Start State Collaboration Project (Web page) * Head Start - Search for a Head Start Program in your locality (Web page) * Search for Licensed/Regulated Child Care (Web page) * Search for Unlicensed/Licensed Child Care (Web page) * Special Education Services ... 09/04/15, 58308 bytes
36% Microsoft Word - COVER LETTER T47 6-7-11.doc
801 East Main Street · Richmond VA · 23219-2901 · 804-726-7000 · TDD 800-828-1120 July 1, 2011 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Manual Transmittal # 47 The purpose of this transmittal is to provide new, clarified, and revised guidance and forms for the Temporary ... 06/30/11, 854042 bytes

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